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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Scope it out!

No, this is not a blog written by an Airborne Ranger, although in my fondest fantasies...
In the Dark Ages, before the invention of the Internet, we writers who wished to rant on but did not haved the training/talent/opportunity to publish their thoughts in "legitimate" vehicles, would have to pay varying sums of money to 'vanity publishers' to see their material in print. I've seen these books, and they're not pretty. But now, spend a few minutes on the internet, enter a few password codes, and sign a service agreement without looking at it or having the slightest clue what it says, and voila, one is now a widely distributed if not widely read writer.
And so here I am. I have written for some local papers, such as "Kentuckiana Health and Fitness" and the "Southeast (Christian Church) Outlook", but have always felt a bit restrained in these publications. In a recent article about Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I interjected a subtle yet harsh rantette about the Lousville legal community, and my editor wisely but unceremoniously deleted it. And somehow I don't think a church newspaper would allow me to speculate about what a fine preacher Gilbert Godfry would make, nor would the editors there be amused by my posting the scores of the divisional playoffs of my fantasy team of Madden 2004.
But this is my blog and I get to write anything at all on it, regardless of whatever lack of insight, style or expertise I might have.
In this blog I will skillful weave together these themes: the practice of gastroenterology in the new millenium; contemplations upon one's Christian calling or vocation; whining about what a bunch of evil people plaintiff's lawyers are; what I would do if I were in charge of the American healthcare system, or the Christian Church, or the the entire universe; what it takes to win at Madden 2004 without using all those cheats; and why I think a church that had Gilbert Godfry as the preacher would excel; and whatever else emerges from my spells of OCD/ADHD/chronic melancholia.
So enjoy. Feel free to share your comments. And let me issue a challenge: nothing can be so temporarily satisfying as unleasing expletives on the 'Net (see my considerable restraint on the reference to lawyers above), but it is so terribly, well, declase. So clean it up, folks. No potty language here, although I might make an occasional exception in regards to lawyers or the Dallas Cowboys. And now, honey, will you get off that computer....


Blogger JusPasenThru said...

Wow! What insight and elegance! I can tell you are destined for greatness! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your efforts! BTW, I charge by the exclamation point!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Dentalguy said...

I happened on your blog and have enjoyed reading about your experience. I too have ADHD and have been sued. I feel that even though I am a dentist, you are a kindred spirit. As professionals, we are expected to be perfect when we know we are not. We do our best and it is unnerving to know that anything we do even if it is intended as a kindness can be misconstrued. I have been sued and the case was a goofy one. The plaintiff's assertions had no basis in any fact. The plaintiff's witnesses made up facts in testimony at trial. Additionally, the plaintiff attorney made numerous ethical breaches before, during and after the trial. Despite this, the trial judge would not act on a motion for mistrial. I have concluded that the current medical malpractice system is little more that a system for legalized extortion. It drives competent professionals from their practices without any benefit to society. Reading your blog was good therapy for me because I know where you are coming from because I have been there.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Steve Barton said...

Hey, I AM an Airborne Ranger and I don't get the reference!?

Anyhoo, Hugh Hewitt pointed over here and I started reading from the top...after reading 7 or 8 posts I liked it so much I headed down to the bottom to see where you started this blog.

Thanks for writing about your work and your faith. All very interesting -- glad you pointed out First Things, I've neglected looking at that for months and it really is great, even when not understood! (I know exactly what you mean)

Being a middle-aged man and starting to see more doctors than before I appreciate the insight into your work and the situation of doctors.

Nice writing, thanks for your blog.

(and what is up with the Airborne Ranger ref?!)

Your reader, Steve Barton

8:24 PM  

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