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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It had to happen

I broke my first bone this week, mountain biking.

It was worth it. I'd do it again.

I ventured out on a trail that is a bit demanding. As I got on it, a freezing rain hit. This didn't make things too slick, but it made me slow down, thus causing my front tire to wash out when I hit a root. Flying over the bars, I almost made a graceful tucked-in landing, except I didn''t get my little finger pulled in.

I began to suspect that I hadn't merely jammed it when I noted that the finger was bent in a peculiar angle. I rode about four miles back to my car and was going to blow the whole thing off as I casually mentioned to my wife that the finger hurt a bit.

Next thing I knew, I was seeing my friend the hand surgeon. "Looks like you might need to get the finger pinned". Yikes.

One xray later, it was decided that I had "broke it good" but that I would be OK with the finger splinted for the next 6 weeks. I pondered this as I strolled about today in 75 degree weather, bright and clear throughout the Ohio Valley.

I was just getting good at it, too.

It doesn't interfere with my scoping ability, but when called to do household chores the pain becomes unbearable. It might stay that way for months, maybe even years. Time will tell.


Blogger Aparna said...

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2:04 PM  
Blogger Aparna said...

good luck with healing that bone of yours! it has been a while since i last ventured on your blog. it's good to be back :)

2:06 PM  
Blogger Val said...

Deepest sympathy on your poor fractured finger-bone! Fortunately I have not suffered any axial fractures w/all my years of dramatic dismounts from horseback, but probably a few cracked ribs...
10 or 12 yrs ago, in my haste to open a friggin' can of dog food, I cut the extensor tendon on the 3rd finger of my right (dominant) hand -- the hand specialist pinned it since I couldn't do MY work in a splint...The pin was supposed to stay in for 8 wks, but after 4 wks I had another minor altercation w/my horse, & the digit remained bent at about a 45-degree angle. That's right, I had bent the pin! So the specialist removed it, I didn't regain a full ROM on that digit, but it hasn't made a difference that I can detect...

4:16 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

I had bilateral carpal tunnel repair 2 years ago. I took the sutures out within a week of surgery,I was back at work about 4 weeks later. I wasn't sufficiently recovered to wash dishes for over 3 months.

Play this for all it's worth. You probably won't fool anyone, but go for it anyway.

1:30 AM  
Blogger JusPasenThru said...

I may blow my cover when I go trail-riding later this week....

3:27 PM  

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