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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Financial disclosure

Yes, there has been quite a ruckus made over some of the more famous bloggers accepting money in order to promote an agenda or ideology. Let me make this clear: we all have a price, and mine is not all that high. Wire me some green over PayPal, or mail me a package stuffed with small denomination bills, and I'll sing like a canary.
After all, I've made precious little for writing anything at all. When I was in high school, I made some money as a paperboy for the Washington Post. They once had a writing contest for paperboys, something along the theme of "Tell us why you like waking up at 5AM so you can deliver our stinking rag" or something like that. I entered and won second place, which was worth $50. All I had to say was "I wouldn't be so sleepy if George Bush wasn't the president", and that's all it took to win the Washington Post over, even though no one had even heard about Bush back in the 60's except for an occasional email from disgruntled TANG officials.
Anyway, that's it. Everything else has been free, from my careful exposition on intestinal gas to my tearful confession about when I almost lost it in Romania while on a mission trip because a local restaurant ran out of cheeseburgers just as I was ready to place an order.
So dig deep darlings. Send me enough and I'll even say how much I love the Dallas Cowboys.


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