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So many lawyers, so little time...

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Man does not live by blogs alone

I am blissfully heading to points south for a weeklong vacation. My wife and I are participating in a marriage seminar sponsored by our church. It is a law of nature that the week just before and just after a vacation are chaotic at best. This week has been no exception, hence the blogging has been at a minimum. Thank you for the kind comments.

My daughter tells me that the blog was much better when it was warm and fuzzy and before I started ragging on the lawyers. Perhaps. I just like ragging on lawyers. It is good for the soul.


Anonymous Halram Augustine said...

It is very definitely good for the soul.

This is a country of lawyers, by lawyers, and most importantly, FOR LAWYERS.

Otherwise the current court logjam would be gone in a flash. Just tax 10% of all money made, from any money received for negotiating settlements of any issues where there is a court filing by either side. Then use that money to buy more judges and courtrooms, nationalize a version of an improved and expanded Lexis with free access from any computer, and just watch the legal fees drop and disputes get settled in a much more timely manner.

Of course this will never happen, as the lawyers fill the leges, and will stop it cold in its tracks.

We tax those who use the public highways for profit, gas and diesel by the gallon. Why not tax those who have given themselves an exclusive franchise to use the court system for profit. Nobody other than a lawyer or yourself can represent you in court.

2:48 PM  
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