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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A colonoscopist's lament

A sonnet composed today at the MCE Butt Hut upon learning that there exists a group of my patients that call themselves "Bubba's Butt Club".

Basking in heaven's light we should reside
When we are in the blest Platonic realm.
But in the darkest cave we're forced to hide
When scope in hand we're stranded at the helm.
Medicine calls us as its holy Light
To rid disease from every human soul.
A shame that we're so limited in sight
That we see only up your exit hole!
The profit motive gathers us as one
As we gaze up into the colon's void.
And yet we know that when the hour is done
We'll see naught but a ripened hemorrhoid.
Know that our efforts shall not ever cease
Until the day that we run out of grease.


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