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Monday, February 19, 2007

Orphan role models

Here are the roles models that I think all orphans should follow:

  1. Anne of Green Gables. Bright, beautiful and personable, Anne is a wonderful model for orphans everywhere. Orphaned as a result of the tragic deaths of her missionary parents, she is adopted by good-hearted but basically clueless spinsters, who raise her as if she were their own flesh and blood. In gratitude for their sacrifice, she leads an exemplary live and lives happily ever after.
  2. Jane Eyre. She might be the greatest orphan ever. Orphaned because of the sad deaths of poor but noble parents, she is taken in by an aunt who despises her. She is abandoned to an evil church orphanage, where, in spite of harsh conditions, she becomes fluent in French and learns how to paint. She becomes a governess for a wealthy but troubled Master, who falls in love with her. She becomes the means of his redemption.
  3. And of course, Little Orphan Annie. No matter how bleak today is, she always has "Tomorrow" on her lips.

We are reading a book about RAD, or reactive attachment disorder. It seems likely that orphans in reality are more like this:

  1. George, age 5. He hugs and kisses everyone he meets, but when he is taken home by his parents, becomes sullen and distant. "We feel like he is always interviewing other families for our job", one of the parents said.
  2. Nicole, age 8. She'll enjoy cuddling with one her parents for twenty minutes, and then, as the parent is kissing her good night, says "I wish Aunt Mary would have adopted me instead of you".
  3. Harry, age 10. He views his adopted home as a "very well-stocked orphanage" and says that his adoptive parents are fine, but if he really loved them he would be disloyal to his biological mother, who he really never knew.

I must say that as we progress through this book, we wonder if we're spending a lot of time, effort, and money to import a psychopath. If only I could be guaranteed of Jane or Anne.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the IDEA of adoption sounds so charitable and giving to joe public, the reality is that so many adoptions now end up being disrupted because families think that giving enough "love" will mend these poor broken souls. i prefer story book adoption, no messy attachment issues.

3:52 AM  

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