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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Reading list

One consequence of my putative ADHD is that I often read three or four books at a time, depending on where the book is located in my house: family room, bedroom, upstairs bathroom, donwstairs bathroom. As a gastroenterologist I do not recommend you read on the commode, but I digress.

Here is my current reading list. Have you been reading any of these? Feel free to share your thoughts about them.

Blog by Hugh Hewitt . On page 189 Hugh says

"[H]ere's the key: your blog will display you to the world. Understand what that means. Have fun with it, but do not indulge in crudity or viciousness, as other believers will have you thrown back in their faces as an example of Christian hypocracy. You can use cutting humor and the other weapons of argument, but be slow to do so because these are not easily mastered and can go very wrong. What you commit to your blog cannot be erased. It will follow you for as long as anyone cares to follow you, and significant people are followed very long indeed, especially by those they injure, whether rightfully or not".

Bummer. There goes all my nasty comments about lawyers and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Fortunes of War by Patrick O'Bryan.

The Voices of the Heart by Chip Dodd.

What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.


Blogger JusPasenThru said...

Once again, your wit and insight are overwhelming. Do you want Glenn Reynolds' phone number?

2:06 PM  

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