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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fifteen minutes of fame

I'm not sure what category of blog SMLSLT is. I despise my cats, and my poetry output is so meager that this site would never qualify as either a kittyblog or blogerrel.

At times I think this is a Godblog, with two huge reservations. I often view my faith as being at least a bit of a fraud. W.H. Auden put it this way:

Those of us who have the nerve to call ourselves Christians will do well to be extremely reticent on the subject. Indeed, it is almost the definition of a Christian that he is somebody who knows he isn't one, either in faith or morals.

I also don't think Jesus would have taken a bold public stance on the malpractice crisis. I know that the malpractice attorneys out there are good people. You go to church and pay your taxes, plan for your children's college educations, and coach Little League teams. I just think you hurt people and place your own personal interests over the public good, like the doctors you condemn. I want to see most of you put out of business, or at least make you get by on one-fourth of your current income. It's not personal. It's just business.

SMLSLT is if nothing else a Hugh Hewitt inspired blog. After I read his book Blog I started this site and sent him a copy of what I thought was one of my better posts. As I was tracking my hits, wondering if I'd ever break the 20 hits/day ceiling, I noticed that I'd received something like 700 hits in one hour.

Hugh was very kind to make a reference to my site, and given his readership (several million hits a day, I'm sure) if just 0.001% of his readers visit this site it's still a lot.

Too bad I went on vacation the very next day, and refused to log onto the Internet for an entire week. Here's my fifteen minutes of fame and I make all of two posts over two weeks. Talk about a momentum killer.

As this week settles down, I'll return all the kind comments I've received during this "flash-in-the-pan". It's a pleasure to visit your sites, which I always do if your comment isn't anonymous. So many great writers, so little time...


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