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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How to tell if you've joined the vast right-wing conspiracy

1) You hear someone talking about "morality" and you no longer instantly assume he must be a sexually repressed religious nut.

2) You're actually relieved that your daughter plays with dolls and your son plays with guns.

3) You sit all the way through Dead Man Walking and at the end still want the guy to be executed.

4) Christmas season rolls around and it hits you there may be a religious connection.

5) At your kids' back-to-school night, you are shocked to discover the only dead white male on your tenth-grader's reading list is Oscar Wilde.

6) And by the end of the night you realize the only teacher who shares your values teaches phys ed.

7) Much as you'd like to, you can't get yourself to believe that screwing around on one's wife is an addiction.

Taken from "How I accidentally joined the vast right-wing conspiracy and found inner peace" by Harry Stein


Blogger Elliott said...

You forgot:

8. I'm not a climatologist or an astrophysicist. I get my information from the newspaper without context or even the ability to dig deeper and evaluate the meaning of the reported claims. I do know sh*t from shinola because I'm a gastroenterologist who can swing a scope with the best of them. OTOH, I know F***-all about global warming, but willing to believe that it's not caused by humans based on 2 articles in my local paper and I thought Michael Crichton's novel was only published as fiction since that pays better than Science or Nature.

Welcome to the VRWC.

5:12 PM  
Blogger JusPasenThru said...

I had never read any of Crichton's stuff, so this weekend I listened to "State of Fear" on a trip to get my dauughter from college. I appreciate the suggestion. I can see where an envirofundamentalist would get his knickers in a twist about it.

9:19 PM  

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