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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A word from our sponsors

One of the appeals of mountain biking is that it requires total focus. If your mind wanders during a ride, you will find yourself wrapped around a tree or bounced off a large rock in short order. It's a wonderful diversion; on the trails I couldn't ponder our friends, the lawyers, even if I choose to.

In our fair city the buses have been painted to resemble giant milk cartons, advertizing local car dealerships and storm window salesmen. About a year ago one of our personal injury lawyers began to peddle his wares on the sides of the buses, his gentle smiling face beaming from the Breckenridge Special . He is the brother of an excellent local physician so I was willing to overlook this otherwise classless mercantile legal display.

It was soon followed by ads for a much larger personal injury law firm. There is no gentle smiling face on the bus for these gents; instead, they feature a highly paid actor glaring indignantly (probably at some doctor) demanding that justice be done.

Not to be outdone by his competitors, a snivelling little twerp by the name of A.K. plastered his face on the bus's backside, snarling: "Injured? Call A.K., he'll make 'em pay". I have to look at this face every day I drive into the hospital.

There are positions that may be right in some way but are so repugnant that I'm glad I never have to offer justification for them. Who knows, maybe late-term abortion/infantcide is a good thing, or euthanasia, or pedophilia, but I'll never have to worry about prostituting myself in order to present an argument on their behalf. I occasionally receive comments or emails regarding our sacred right to sue to the crap off our fellow man, and maybe this is a good thing, but I'm still glad I don't have to defend the tasteless, classless display of trolling and playing on the worst impulses of people in order to make a living. Lawyers advertising on the side of city buses? No thanks. I'll deal with the nice clean colons of the community instead.


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